House Running in Leonberg near Stuttgart


Craving adrenaline? Want to get your heart-rate going?
In the AMBER HOTEL Leonberg/Stuttgart you will find just the thing: House-Running with ‘experience expert’ Jochen Schweizer! One weekend a month, brave adrenaline junkies can participate in house running and descend the 45 m from the hotel roof, down into the depths.

Between April and November you can experience house running on fixed dates (always on weekends). It goes without saying that when partaking in house running those participating are 100% professionally secured and can only make the descent with instruction and professional support provided by the expert team under Jochen Schweizer.

Here guests need not fear that participants can look into or even go for a walk around their room! This is because the house running takes place on one of the AMBER HOTEL Leonberg/Stuttgart’s windowless façade walls, meaning that no guests will be disrupted by it.

You can also combine house running with a relaxing night in the AMBER HOTEL Leonberg/Stuttgart: For just €189 we offer house running, including a one-night stay for two people in a double room! “House-Running” tickets and/or the overnight stay packages for your own personal house running experience can be reserved online directly via Jochen Schweizer:


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