Destination Germany

for Groups starting at 15 people

AMBER group travel – six locations in Germany!

Travelling in and to Germany is bang on trend and is enjoying increasing popularity among guests from within Germany and abroad.

Whether it’s a city trip, a hiking tour or cultural tour, the six AMBER HOTEL locations offer a colourful mix of interesting excursions and varied leisure activities, as well as comfortable and cozy accommodation.

Those who enjoy travelling often have high expectations when it comes to planning a trip:

with regard to the region, the hotel, the day trips and the customer care.

You know that as well as I do In the new. Therefore I am, as a tourist point of contact, especially there for you!

I am happy to create, tailored exactly to the needs of your customers, travel packages for you …


Frau Makbule Acar

Group department of the AMBER HOTELS

Tel.: +49 30 3468 1063
Fax: +49 30 34681-063

Your contact for all 6 hotels

Please call me for any questions or directly for an appointment:

Our current group brochures, rates, detailed hotel information and my recommendations to elaborate day tours and group programs with respect to the AMBER HOTELS, can be found on our exclusive page for groups and tour operators:

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